A three-day training focused on strategies in implementing Transgender people and HIV programmes in seven Latin American countries

The IRGT: A Global Network of Trans Women and HIV along with the local host organizations, Asociación REDTRANS Nicaragua and regional organization RED Trans Peru, and with the support of the World Health Organization (WHO) and LINKAGES conducted a successful three-day workshop training in Managua, Nicaragua.

Community leaders, activists, transgender health educators, and ministers of health from seven different countries in the Latin America (El Salvador, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Panama, Honduras, the Dominican Republic and Nicaragua) participated in an interactive training focused on the TRANSIT service delivery model. Participant teams received guidance on the development of a country specific action plan for implementation of strategies for community engagement and public health approaches for transgender people and HIV for each country.

The meeting was organized and facilitated by the three Spanish-speaking members (JoAnne Keatley, Jana Villayzan and Alexandra Rodriguez De Ruiz) of the IRGT: A Global Network of Trans Women and HIV. The training was primarily based on the guidance and tools developed over the last several years by the IRGT with support from Robert Carr Network Fund (RCNF), WHO, UNFPE, UNAIDS and PEPFAR among others. Tools included in the training were the TRANSIT, the LAC Blueprint for Transgender Health Care, and the WHO Policy brief on Transgender people and HIV.

Utilizing a template provided by the IRGT, all countries successfully developed action plans that included activities for each of the areas addressed by chapter in the Transit. The plans included the list of activities, persons responsible for each, timeline, resources needed and any technical assistance needs for implementation. Our follow up plans include providing each country written feedback on their plans and to follow up should technical assistance be available to help support implementation strategies.