Trans Education + Outreach = Capacity for Health (TEACH)
Transgender people continue to be disproportionately impacted by HIV and AIDS, social stigma, violence, denial of human rights and governmental apathy.  Transgender people continue to be inadequately served by mainstream LGBT and MSM organizations, and many trans-led organizations, as a result of not being afforded the opportunity to implement their own programs,  lack the skills, resources, capacity, technical support and infratrusture to be self-sustaining and therefore struggle to meet the specific HIV care and prevention needs of their own population. In resonse to this problem the IRGT conceived the concept of identifying, training, and nurturing a cohort of trans individuals who could then work and provide technical support to trans-led organizations within their respective regions to address these issues. 

Trans Education + Action = Capacity for Health (TEACH) is an initiative originally spearheaded by the IRGT in partnership with our former fiscal host, MPACT (formerly known as MSMGF). The aim of TEACH is to equip trans individuals and trans-led organizations with the necessary knowledge to be self-sustainable and build comprehensive programs that meet the HIV care and prevention needs specific to trans people. The TEACH curriculum is designed to be delivered via 15 modules covering topics in strategic planning and organizational management, designing comprehensive interventions in response to local epidemiology for transgender men and women, financial management, resource mobilization and proposal writing, as well as community collaboration.