Host the Trans Pre-Conference at IAC every two years

Rationale: Trans women and trans organizations have been practically invisible at the International AIDS Conferences and pre conferences since the first conference was held in… The MSMGF has been a great partner in including transgender issues and limited sessions in its MSM preconference over the last few years, but it is important for trans women to host our own pre conference to celebrate, network, share, organize, advocate and have a meaningful and powerful presence as a pre conference and throughout the IAC. What a better place to host the first Trans Pre Conference at the 21st IAC in Durban, South Africa.

Main Activities
• Fundraise to secure funding to host a one day pre-conference event
• Plan pre conference
• Form Pre-conference committees for Programs, Logistics, Implementation to ensure a timely planning and hosting of event
• Identify regional and local partners to coordinate activities, support planning and hosting of events to strengthen the reach, capacity, and status of the event
• Ensure inclusion of trans-specific content of sessions, workshops, presentations, and discussion
• Organize pre-conference event

Indicators for Monitoring and Evaluation for Objective 7
• Report of one-day Trans Pre-Conference at the IAC will be issued every two years
• One-day Trans Pre Conference event will have hosted between 100 and 200 trans advocates, stakeholders, and allies
• Between 10 to 20 sessions on transgender women’s health, HIV, human rights, intersectionality, research, and sexual health, among other topics, will be covered during the pre-conference
• Transgender women advocates, researchers, funders, allies and other stakeholders will be informed and understand trans women’s health, HIV, human rights, sexual health, and other trans related issues
• Information, knowledge and expertise will be shared between participants to influence HIV policy on trans women health issues and HIV