Community, Rights, Gender and the New Funding Model: Global Fund Briefing for Technical Assistance Providers

Community, Rights, Gender and the New Funding Model Global Fund Briefing For Technical Assistance Providers
This March 2014 briefing from the Global Fund inludes 60-plus slides that are intended to aid technical assistance providers. The Global Fund recognizes that communities often lack access to the knowledge and information necessary to play an active role in Global Fund processes. Moreover, the impact of HIV, tuberculosis, and malaria programs is often limited because they pay insufficient attention to barriers related to human rights, gender, and other inequalities and exclusions. In order to ensure that all those who are affected by the three diseases play a meaningful role in Global Fund processes, and that these barriers are effectively addressed in grants, the Global Fund Board has approved a special initiative to provide technical assistance to communities and civil society. For more information on the Global Fund’s Community, Rights, and Gender Technical Assistance program, click here. 
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