The Real Impact of the Swedish Model: Advocacy Toolkit

The Real Impact of the Swedish Model: Advocacy Toolkit
NSWP hopes that this advocacy toolkit will highlight the harms associated with this approach of criminalisation, both in relation to the simplistic and crude understandings of sex work and of sex workers that are used to justify the law, and in relation to the direct outcomes of the resulting legal framework of criminalising the purchase of sex. In contrast to claims that the Swedish model is a necessary and effective approach in protecting women from violence and exploitation, sex workers in Sweden note worrying consequences of the law in terms of their safety and wellbeing. 

The advocacy toolkit will be an evolving set of documents. They will serve to continue to raise awareness of the outcomes of the law through the ongoing publishing of evidence-based fact sheets and advocacy tools, tools that will provide resources to sex workers, allies and researchers around the world to challenge widespread promotion of this detrimental legal and political approach to the regulation of sex work.

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