Promote a multi-disciplinary trans-led and trans-specific research agenda

Rationale: Epidemiologic, administrative, and community-collected data regarding trans people remain concentrated in a small number of countries and regions in the Global North. High-quality data are particularly lacking: sampling bias, inadequate or invalid ascertainment of transgender status, and conflating of trans people with sexual minorities (e.g., men who have sex with men) are frequent limitations of existing data. Scaling up support for trans communities, as well as adequate funding to address trans women’s health and human rights, will require continued efforts to expand and improve data collection and methodologies.

Main Activities
• Drive agenda to prioritize trans women’s research, participation, and dissemination
• Mobilize resources to fund trans-specific research
• Disseminate data on trans research
• Develop a trans specific research agenda
• Disseminate agenda to key stakeholders

Indicators for Monitoring and Evaluation for Objective 4
• A trans-specific research agenda will be developed, promoted, and disseminated to stakeholders, allies, researchers, and trans advocates
• Trans women will be informed about the trans-specific research agenda in order to advocate for it
• Researchers and research institutions and funders will be informed about the trans-specific research agenda and its priorities