Promote intersectionality of trans women’s issues with other groups

Rationale: Trans women experiences must be understood in intersectionalities that shape our social, legal and political realities. It is important to recognize how gender identity, sexuality, social discrimination, homophobia, policies and human rights abuses shape our access to health services and other social services. The law is often a barrier to accessing comprehensive sexual and reproductive health services for trans women.

Main Activities
• Build alliances with other groups, organizations, and donors
• Sensitize media to mainstream trans issues
• Utilize social media to mainstream trans women issues
• Participate in international conferences (such as IAC), high-level meetings, etc.
• Develop briefs on the intersectional nature of trans women’s issues

Indicators for Monitoring and Evaluation for Objective 5
• Trans women will have participated in international conference to call attention to intersectionality issues
• A brief on intersectionality of trans women’s issues will be developed
• Trans women advocates will be informed about and understand trans women’s intersectionality issues to better serve and advocate for trans women’s issues
• Trans women will have the skills and resources to partner with allies to address intersectinality issues