No More Lip Service: What does this moment mean to you? Maria Sundin, Sweden

Tell us a little about your organization and the work you do?

I’m a IRGT member since 2011, I’ve been a board member of RFSL – the Swedish Federation for LGBT Rights for many year as well of Transgender Europe. Having worked with Trans health and humans rights for the past 25 year. I also work with the depathologazion Trans Identities and the revision of WHO’s ICD-10 as a member of the GATE Expert Group. I serve on the Steering Committee of MSMGF. Being a Clinical Social Worker I also work with developing the first medical interdisciplinary quality register for transgender health care which will be put in operation, after four years of work in the fall of 2016.

Why is the Trans Pre-Conference exciting to you?

It is the final evidence that Transgender women and Trans folks is one of the four Key populations in the combat against HIV and no longer conflated mwith MSM. It is indeed a breakthrough for IRGT and placing Trans on the Global HIV/AIDS map!

What is important about this moment in global trans advocacy and activism?

The opportunity to gather such a big group of trans people, theirallies and important stakeholders. And as said before, it is one of the important frontiers in Global Trans Advocacy against HIV!

What changes do you want to see in your local community and the global trans community after the Pre-Conference?

In Europe and above all in Eastern Europe and Central Asia I hope that we see a number of emerging Trans led advocacy and action groups in the struggle against HIV/AIDS and much more awareness raising.

I want to see a much stronger trans movement globally and see TRANSIT be used on a broad scale!

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